Diane & Charles Sheesley are the proud owners of Rainbow Mountain Alpacas, but they are not the only ones responsible for the well-established farm it has become today. Rainbow Mountain Alpacas is truly a family farm. 

Mr. & Mrs. Sheesley had been living in Punxsutawney for about 6 years when they found an abandoned and broken down farm. They saw past the neglected farm to see potential for a beautiful home. When they bought the farm, they were about to encounter two wonderful gifts—a new home, but more importantly, their first grandchild! This was the beginning of a wonderful adventure.  

The Sheesleys were motivated to begin renovations on the farm when their daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Eric, asked to live in the farm house. The growing family knew they wanted to have animals on the farm, and Diane decided that two alpacas would be the perfect pets for her now eight-month-old granddaughter, Jasmine.  

Everyone thought Diane was crazy for her alpaca dream, but after extensive research, they decided to make that dream a reality. Once the men were on board, Rainbow Mountain Alpacas was born in 2005. The farm began with only two females and two males, and by the end of the year, the farm had grown to house 20 alpacas! There are currently 50 alpacas, including some alpacas that the Sheesleys have saved along the way.  

Medical treatments come naturally to Diane, who has a nursing background. She goes the extra mile to do extensive research and provide preventative healthcare for her animals. She sets high standards for the protocols on the Sheesley’s farm. In fact, other farms have brought their animals to Diane seeking medical and health advice for their animals. Rainbow Mountain Alpacas even has a small clinical area and they are in the process of setting up a fecal lab. The people at Rainbow Mountain Alpacas enjoy doing transport for themselves and for other alpaca farms and do a fantastic job following up for both customers and non-customers.

Diane and Rachel manage the farm as the driving force behind its success, while Charles joins Diane at alpaca shows. Charles and Eric take care of the heavy farmwork. Since the beginning of the farm, a new grandchild, Andy, joins the crew. Jasmine and Andy, along with the adults, provide the alpacas with a very loving environment. Even Diane & Charles's son, Devon who lives in Pittsburgh, helps out with the animals and shows when he visits home. Everyone plays an important role in making Rainbow Mountain Alpacas such a special farm. This farm truly is filled with love and laughter!